The ShearSafe Shearing Plant   (Patent Pending)
Introducing The Next Generation in Shearing Equipment  .

Shearsafes brother has arrived  ,See the new Tallybuster.

The ShearSafe shearing equipment is designed for increased safety in the workplace. It has an electronic system which is designed to stop the motor within 0.2 seconds if there is any lockup in the handpiece. There is no need to reset the motor after this happens, all that has to be done is to pull the cord to restart the machine.
ShearSafe has four speeds and is suitable for shearing the toughest of sheep. Controlling the speed of the handpiece minimises over-heating and allows the shearing of Goats and Alpacas. The innovative design allows ShearSafe to be stored and protected and ready for the next session.

Shearing Supplies NSW Pty Ltd has been working on ShearSafe for a considerable length of time, and have done extensive trials on this piece of machinery to deliver a tried and proven product to the sheep industry of Australia.

Features Include:

  • Electronic Cut-out – for the safety of the shearer and less damage to equipment.
  • Direct Drive – less parts to be replaced.
  • Four Speeds – slower speeds, ideal for Goats and Alpacas.
  • Noise Reduction – less stress on equipment increasing life span.
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Portability – able to be packed in the case and transported safely and without fear of damage to the unit.