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Heiniger Icon SFX Handpiece

$1,100.00 GST Included
New Tension Sleeve Shape: Unique shape of the tension sleeve ensures free movement at all times. Lighter Back Joint: 62 grams lighter than the ICON FX back joint, making it 159g lighter than the cyclone (12% lighter) providing reduced strain on the wrist and better weight distribution for improved balance. Smaller Back Joint Cover: New slimmer back joint cover ensuring optimal comfort in the hand. New Cogs: New cog material and improved teeth shape resulting in reduced noise and smoother running for longer. Our Icon SFX has been crafted and tested with the biggest enhancements any Icon handpiece has ever seen. The innovations ensure optimal in-hand and grip comfort, more control and reduced strain. Achieve better shearing with improved responsiveness and balance from the front to the back with the Icon SFX. The Icon SFX is a shearing handpiece designed for those who demand excellence in every cut. Elevate your shearing game, embrace the change, and experience a new level of efficiency in the toughest conditions. The Icon SFX: Where precision meets power, and control reigns supreme.
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Heiniger Original Shearing Jeans

  • Designed by shearers for shearers.

    Original Shearing Jeans made from exceptional quality long lasting black denim.
    • Heavy duty zip, Minimal fading
    • Double denim at all wear points
    • Minimal 3% shrinkage rate
    • Designed to stay on the hips
    • Exceptionally comfortable to shear in
    • Split leg cuff = easier to get on / off
    • Tailored back and waist


    • Size 72.5 jeans only available in regular length
    • Sizes 107.5 and 112.5 only available in short length
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  • Shearing Supplies NSW printed Hoodie.Very warm fleecy hoodie various colours availa   TO AVOID DISAPOINTMENT Please Note:  all colours are not always available all the time. When asking for specific colours please have a few options as colours are limited per year. In Spring/summer months it is advisable to call Shearing Supplies NSW (1800035113) OR Email to check if your size is in stock.
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Singlet – Summer

$25.00 GST Included
Long Tail Summer Printed Singlet. Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL - XXXXL PLEASE NOTE: We will do our very best however, to avoid disappointment - If choosing colours, please give a few choices, all colours may not be available in all sizes. Choices like: "dark colours only" "blue's only" "red's only" " bright colours only" May have better success rather than specific colours  
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