We have wool presses in both round and rectangular style.
We also have a large range of used wool presses – Trade-ins Welcome.

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Lyco Dominator Woolpress

Fully automatic corner pinning * Does not pierce the pack, therefore contamination free * Very simple with few moving parts * Delivers more, short square bales for less effort Front and Rear Loading * Able to be loaded from both sides to suit all wool sheds * Less physically demanding for greater operator safety * At 1175mm to the top of the door - it is the lowest in its class Easily Transportable * Fully transportable * Fits through standard doorway without dismantling * No trolley needed Direct bale removal * Two opening sides for easy bale removal * No need for bale ejection device or run off ramps Versatile Motor Options * 4 pole electric motor delivers more start performance - even in low power areas * Other Voltage and hertz motors available on request * A self contained 11HP petrol engine is available Increased Pressing Performance * 3 stage hydraulic pump gives more maximum weight bales for less effort * At 13.5 tonnes thrust - easily the highest in its class * The electric motors and hydraulic pumps are quiet in operation due to the low rotational speeds and large capacity hydraulic tubing Revolutionary Compatible Scales * PC2000 Bale Weight monitor o Large and easily read display o Auto tare off and zero button o Built in memory of current weight even after shut off o Preset alarm for maximum bale weight o Flat screen and soft controls * Bale Management System (Optional) o Numbers of Bales Pressed o Average bale weight recorded o Total weight recorded o Wool type o Bale ID * PC2000 Computer Interfaced Options o Link package to PC o Compact Printer Technical Information
  • Maximum Height     2375mm(7' 10")
  • Width - overall     890mm(2' 11")
  • Ground clearance     35mm (1 3/8")
  • Wheel track -Rear Outside     850mm (33 1/2")
  • Loading Height     1175mm (3' 10¼")
  • Transport Height     1865mm (6' 2")
  • Length    1825mm (6')
  • Weight     575Kg (1265lbs)
  • Bottom Box     736 x 736 x 1050 mm
  • Platten Stroke     965 mm (38")
  • Hydraulic Cylinders     3" bore x 1¾" rod x 1,340mm closed centre
  • Oil Reservoir capacity     40 litres
  • Oil type & grade     Mineral hydraulic oil 46 ISO viscosity
  • Safety circuit ("S" model only)     24 volts AC
  • Scales     PC 2000 with Load cell. 12 volts DC input
We have a large range of used Wool Presses - Trade-ins Welcome
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TPW Woolpress

  • 602-090 240V
  • The World’s fastest woolpress
  • Capable of pressing 90 bales of wool a day.
  • Motor power: 2 .2 Kw
  • Operational Height: 2 740 mm
  • Transport Height: 2 090 mm
  • Box Height (for filling): 11 85 mm
  • Length: 1 390 mm
  • Width: 970 mm
  • Weight: 500 Kg
We have a large range of used Wool Presses - Trade-ins Welcome
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