Shearing Supplies NSW has a range of the best handpieces from the big names like Heiniger & Supershear.

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Beiyuan Rattlesnake Handpiece

$473.00 GST Included
  • These handpieces are going very well.
  • By using new technology, combined with the latest creative design and BEIYUAN's own patented 4 bearing system, this handpiece is guaranteed to perform.
  • All roller bearings are Japanese NSK brand.
  • The handpiece will accommodate all commonly available combs & cutters.
  • Spare parts and repair kits are readily available.
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Heiniger Icon Cyclone Handpiece

$990.00 GST Included
  • Designed by experts, tested by professionals
  • Smooth running, ergonomic design and a crisper cut
  • Offers longer working life and reduced maintenance
Developed in cooperation with the Swiss Technical University ETH in Zurich, the Cyclone offers high performance, a longer working life and minimal maintenance effort required.
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Heiniger Icon FX Handpiece

$1,030.00 GST Included
Unleash Your Potential. The redesigned slimmer barrel provides better handpiece balance and new levels of comfort and ergonomics to reduce strain and give you superior manoeuvrability, control and grip. Increase Your Tallies. The overall lighter FX requires less effort and time to start and stop each blow, helping you shear more efficiently and maximise tallies. Your Ultimate Handpiece. With countless hours of research, development and testing, the FX pushes the boundaries of shearing while continuing the world renowned legacy of the Icon - the same Swiss quality, precision and reliability that Heiniger is known for
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Test Product

$0.09 GST Included
this is a test product
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